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    About us?

    We born in the 2005 as an iody private non-profit, self-funded without political connections, our sphere of influence is nationwide, We have had sustained growth over time and our projection is long term.

    We are the country's consumer brand, the buyer promote a culture of assessment and preference of those Ecuadorian products and quality services identified with the fingerprint corporation Much Better Ecuador.

    Footprint is the symbol that identifies products and services developed with high quality standards, highlighting the commitment of the private sector employment, the consumer and the country.

    With more of 500 partner brands reflect, at the end consumer, that the products and services developed by our hands and our talent are the best.

    Quality is never an accident, It is always the result of intelligent effort

    John Ruskin


    Promote the preference of Ecuadorian products and quality services bearing the mark through the campaign "Much Better if done in Ecuador".


    The only country benchmark of quality brand and corporate image nationally and internationally, carrying members of quality excellence, is our reason for being.


    We have a portfolio of services designed for our partners

    Why be part of MME?

    More of 10 Years of experience

    Supporting continuous improvement of enterprises.


    4 decade 5 consumers prefer products identified Footprint.

    Always on time

    timely care and counseling qualified for our partners.


    About 120 000 formal employment spaces provide companies with Footprint.

    Quality Processes

    Our processes are framed within a comprehensive management quality management.

    Quality seal

    our Seal, highlights the identity and quality, It highlights the attributes of brands and supports their promotion.

    Personalized attention

    Our team analyzes each company personalized.


    The footprint represents the quality of millions of products and services over their 500 member brands.

    Customer satisfaction.


    Annual reinvestment in activities focused on our customers.


    Market positioning.


    Our Human Resources Quality


    Our scope of National Campaigns


    Process improvement of our affiliates.


    Digital Marketing Effectiveness



    Memorias – GRUPO INDUSTRIAL GRAIMAN – Emisario de Calidad

    Memoirs – Grupo Industrial Graimn – Quality emissary

    Once raised the most urgent needs of our brothers, Graiman Industrial Group took various actions that ranged from sending a team of volunteers (paramedics, brigadiers, doctors) to the region to support sheeting and galvanized pipes for the implementation of temporary tents for families in identified sectors. It was also provided […]

    Memorias – AEI

    Memoirs – AEI

    The Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ecuador (AEI) -a network of public actors, private and academic aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and innovation- then he designs earthquake Re-Embark Program. The objective of the program is to encourage the resumption of affected productive activities in an innovative way, through funding […]

    Memorias – Ayuda económica, donaciones y créditos: la fórmula de PASAMANERÍA S.A.

    Memoirs – Financial assistance, grants and credits: formula PASAMANERÍA S.A.

    After the earthquake 16 of April, PASAMANERÍA S.A. was present in the region affected by the natural disaster financial aid both products as PASA, in addition to distributing food to victims. Eduardo Cobo, Company spokesman, He noted that given $7.435 CINTERANDES dollars to the Foundation, through […]

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