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    About us

    About us?

    We are a private entity, non-profit and self-financing guarantees quality products and services we identified Ecuadorian our quality label, "The footprint".


    Promote formal and productive employment through footprint Much Better Ecuador, identifying quality, highlighting the good reputation of our member brands; for consumers to recognize and prefer achieving thus boost the welfare of Ecuador.


    It is recognized as the country's national and international reference brand quality and image business, carrying member companies, Quality Excellence.


    IDENTIFY domestic production, verify and evaluate the quality, promoting formal and productive employment

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    Verify and qualify each of the processes of our members, thus supporting quality products and services delivered to consumers.

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    Principal's Message

    Today we support more than 500 quality brands virtuosos led by entrepreneurs committed to the ability to transform realities and contribute to the development of Ecuador. Welcome to Ecuador Corporation Much Better, a non-governmental institution, non-profit, self-funded, which it bases its management 3 mainstays: IDENTITY, QUALITY AND EMPLOYMENT.

    Our quality indicators.

    Business values

    Footprint is one of the best decisions of our affiliated brands.

    Customer satisfaction. 97%
    Annual reinvestment in activities focused on our customers. 75%
    Market positioning. 99%
    Our scope of National Campaigns. 75%
    Process improvement of our affiliates. 67%
    Digital Marketing Effectiveness 87%

    Progress Company

    We born in the 2005 as a private non-profit, self-funded without political connections, our sphere of influence is national, holding growth over time.


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    our Seal, highlights the identity and quality, It highlights the attributes of brands and supports their promotion.



    Footprint is one of the best decisions about 500 brands that carry since 2005

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