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    Padres en la industria

    Parents industry

    On Father's Day, Mucho Mejor Ecuador ha entrevistado a reconocidos padres en la industria para que nos cuenten un poco de su vida y el consejo que desean transmitir a los ecuatorianos. Today in this blog we present the answers to these characters by their example and dedication have managed to manage your life […]

    La seguridad en el mundo de los juguetes

    Security in the world of toys

    Mundiplast is an Ecuadorian company leader in the manufacture of mini toys for children's parties (Piñateria o Party Favors) and Educational Toys for preschoolers and elementary primary; its products are manufactured using virgin raw materials premium. Commitment to industrial safety in toys is a priority and so […]

    ¿Cómo gestionar una correcta comunicación de crisis?

    How to manage a successful crisis communication?

    How to manage a successful crisis communication?   Communication is vital to manage a crisis situation Business, can solve or minimize the impact this may have on your different stakeholders; customers, providers, contributors, press, government, Social networking fans, etc. According to Francisco Marín, author of "Crisis Communication" the 95% from […]

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