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    Padres en la industria

    Parents industry

    On Father's Day, Mucho Mejor Ecuador ha entrevistado a reconocidos padres en la industria para que nos cuenten un poco de su vida y el consejo que desean transmitir a los ecuatorianos. Today in this blog we present the answers to these characters by their example and dedication have managed to manage your life […]

    La seguridad en el mundo de los juguetes

    Security in the world of toys

    Mundiplast is an Ecuadorian company leader in the manufacture of mini toys for children's parties (Piñateria o Party Favors) and Educational Toys for preschoolers and elementary primary; its products are manufactured using virgin raw materials premium. Commitment to industrial safety in toys is a priority and so […]

    ¿Cómo gestionar una correcta comunicación de crisis?

    How to manage a successful crisis communication?

    How to manage a successful crisis communication?   Communication is vital to manage a crisis situation Business, can solve or minimize the impact this may have on your different stakeholders; customers, providers, contributors, press, government, Social networking fans, etc. According to Francisco Marín, author of "Crisis Communication" the 95% from […]

    ¿Cómo mejorar el engagement en redes sociales?

    How to improve engagement in social networks?

    In this era marked by the accelerated pace of communication, get the coveted attention of your followers on social networks is a great achievement, to identify this number of shares equivalent to the indicators you get from your followers as used: "I like it", "Share", "Comment", "React", etc. and the time that people observe […]

    Tritubot y el Día Mundial del Reciclaje

    Tritubot and World Recycling Day

    Climate change is the evil of our time, It is so easy to close your eyes and pretend it's not there yet, It is more present than ever. It is our biggest challenge and we are at a turning point, the effects of climate change are global and an unprecedented scale. […]

    Madre, una celebración diaria.

    Mother, a daily celebration.

    Mother, a daily celebration.   In this month, these days we celebrate with you a special day. We want to give a tribute and recognition to all women, mothers, workers, they can do anything to see the smile of their children. In the next post we join the congratulations […]

    El trabajo, la diaria oportunidad para hacerlo mejor

    The job, the daily opportunity to do better

    There are dates that commemorate and bring to the table reflections on our daily lives. The Earth Day, the day of love, Water Day, strangely things we have to remember. Today is May 1 to remind, with an ellipsis of the historical part, the value of the work […]

    Pequeños consejos para una gran semana.

    Small tips for a great week.

    There are good weeks and some not so good. There are days when the sun rises and others in which it rains. extreme joys and things that escape from our hands, irremediable. However there are details that are available to us that can improve our day. The week is full of emotions. We are vulnerable […]

    Creatividad en la cotidianidad

    Creativity in everyday life

    Routine kills creativity. Councils for a change of routine without stop doing what you need everyday. The workday brings tasks ranging and consume us, the hours, the days, the weeks, often the tasks are repetitive when you perform regularly. Submerged in this […]

    Cuenca un motor industrial

    Cuenca an industrial engine

    City of the Four Rivers moves through the impetus of large motors, Cuenca who manage to advance by leaps and bounds ever toward a strong future and welfare for its people. One of the strongest engines in this way is, definitely, your industry. Industry has been motivated by entrepreneurs cuencanos, […]

    La alimentación en el ambiente laboral, fuente de energía y salud.

    Food in the workplace, source of energy and health.

    The precipitous daily life keeps us with the clock always running. It dispenses sometimes lunch, breakfast and eaten quickly and unhealthy. Eating healthy does not mean eating only lettuce, There are different ways of eating healthfully, one of them, is clear, Regular meal times and […]

    La vital importancia del servicio al cliente como experiencia de marca

    The vital importance of customer service and brand experience

    Today creating positive conversations around your brand is vital, There are different elements that these are generated in both the virtual world and in everyday conversations, Today we'll talk customer service. In this blog we present you should keep in mind to provide customer service […]

    Los derechos del consumidor en Ecuador

    Consumer rights in Ecuador

    Today, 15 March we celebrate the World Day of consumer rights as Much Better Corporation Ecuador have decided to dedicate this blog. We know that consumers of this age is very different from years ago, thanks to easy access to information and to various digital platforms that companies put […]

    La Importancia de la mujer para la productividad del país

    The importance of women to the country's productivity

    The perception of the job performance of men and women has a significant effect on the productivity of a country. Say that their role is important for development is no longer news, Nevertheless, in recent 30 years there has been significant growth in issues of recognition of their commitment to […]

    VazSeguros, trayectoria y posicionamiento

    VazSeguros, path and positioning

    VazSeguros is undoubtedly a leading insurance company in the sector. Since 2002 They have managed to position itself in the market as a guarantee for their personal and business customers, insurance provided the best support, while complying with legal requirements under the country, with an eye on continuous improvement of its processes […]

    ALKU, una marca en sintonía con el planeta

    INITIAL, a brand in tune with the planet

    ago 5 born years Alku, a proposal that aims to achieve attack the big problem of garbage that exists worldwide, and today has managed to materialize into a brand that is rooted in its reason for being in tune with the planet and pet care. […]

    San Valentín activa la economía y el amor de los ecuatorianos

    Valentine activates the economy and love of Ecuadorians

    Valentine's Day or the day of love and friendship, It is regarded in many countries as the most romantic day of the year, although it is a proper celebration of the United States many celebrate with great expectation. Before you start to share with you some interesting facts you might not know; in a computer graphics made […]

    Emisario de Calidad- Edición 12.

    Quality emissary- Edition 12.

    Quality is one of our pillars. Our philosophy is to identify the quality of products and services bearing the Ecuadorian Footprint Corporation Much Better Ecuador. Since our inception we focus on quality insurance, without a doubt, this is the best way to push firmly formal and productive employment […]

    La nueva generación: Los Centennials

    The new generation: Centennials

    Better known as the generation who did not know the world without internet, the Centenials, They were born around 1997 and they are grown amid the global economic crisis. They are also called "Generation Z", Nevertheless, in the year 2015 They were identified as Centennials by consulting Kanatar Group, The Future Company. are […]

    RED CEDIA, y su aporte con la innovación en un Ecuador productivo

    RED CEDIA, and its contribution to innovation in a productive Ecuador

    Innovation is a topic booming in recent years in our country. In seeking to promote innovative development projects impact, different institutions have made efforts in training, forums, lectures and talks. Nevertheless, the relationship between university and business in Ecuador is far from being optimal, so Red Cedia […]

    Lo que sí y lo que no hace un Community Manager

    What does and what does a Community Manager

    In January last year the agency online marketing and communication 2.0, We Are Social, one of the most recognized platforms for their reports related to marketing, digital communication and social media; for the first time in his studies included specific figures digital state of Ecuador. Among the most important data […]

    Revista Avance, una trayectoria caracterizada por la constancia y la calidad

    Advance magazine, a path characterized by the constancy and quality

    About more than 20 years of development of what today we know as the Digital Era, the world has witnessed developments that have taken traditional media like radio are, television, of course the newspaper and magazine. The form of journalism and […]

    Organiza tus ideas en un Plan de Mercadeo Digital

    Organize your ideas in a Digital Marketing Plan

    As we discussed in the previous blog, plan our goals during the first days of the year is one of the main activities that we perform to plan the course of our business and make important decisions that make real differences. So, develop and monitor a marketing plan is definitely, necessary […]

    ¿Cómo mejorar tus índices de productividad este 2019?

    How to improve your productivity indices this 2019?

    When you start a new year it is a time to reflect and start setting goals with new and improved tools. In this sense, Much Better Corporation from Ecuador, We invite you to analyze what we have done well and what areas we can improve to make these 365 days new opportunities that allow us to significantly increase the […]

    El trascendental trabajo del responsable de calidad

    Transcendental quality manager job

    Quality is the commitment of those companies daily reaffirm their responsibility with progress, the development of the Ecuadorian industry and aim to make things much better. Nevertheless, behind these processes of continuous improvement and constant pursuit of quality, there are one or more persons who dedicate their […]

    Regalos que fomentan la productividad y el empleo formal

    Gifts that promote productivity and formal employment

    Christmas is just around the corner, her fever gifts and dinners with family, friends and coworkers. December is the period most important trade marks, during this time consumption and rebounding sales opportunities arise for global business. In […]

    Fallar es otra manera de aprender

    Failure is another way to learn

    If you want to go far you need to take decisions and evaluate the results. Continuous improvement is the most effective way to improve quality and efficiency in organizations, is a work philosophy that many companies have embraced for their productivity and competitiveness in the market. The mind is always prone […]

    8 Requisitos para obtener La Huella de calidad

    8 Requirements for quality Sleuth

    Progress is the result of the daily commitment of hands and minds that believe in the domestic industry. Much Better for the Corporation Ecuador, Quality refers to different aspects that include daily activity and philosophy of companies that are committed to the country's progress. Think of development requires us […]

    Consumo responsable en Black Friday

    Responsible consumption on Black Friday

    Both brands as consumers worldwide are gearing up to be surprised for the best deals on the last Friday November. Despite being a festival own US, Black Friday or Black Friday comes to Ecuador and discounts on physical and electronic commerce are not made […]

    Conéctate con el consumo colaborativo

    Connect with collaborative consumption

    Since our inception in supply and demand for products and services, people, We have found ways to solve and respond to our needs, either, sharing resources, interchanging or creating any kind of idea of ​​collaboration that leads us to achieve mutual benefits. Technology and the Internet have given us the […]

    Crea Relaciones Públicas para el futuro

    Create Public Relations for the future

    There is something new that all organizations seek to maintain relationships with our various internal and external audiences. Social media and other digital platforms have transformed the environment, inviting us to think of new strategies to link up effectively and durably. As we have shared in previous articles, communication professionals […]

    Convierte a tus “fans” en “brand lovers”

    Turn your “fans” in “brand lovers”

    “The best advertising is satisfied customers who make” Philip Kotler. Brands need faithful people, speak well of them, the they prefer and recommend. Definitely they need more "brand lovers" and less "fans". All marketing department, marketing and strategy need to know the anatomy of these brand lovers or users who are […]

    Utiliza Linked In para darle un impulso a tu marca

    Use Linked In to give a boost to your brand

    Linked In is a social platform with more than 400 millions of users around the world. Today it is recognized as the network connecting professionals since its launch in the year 2002 Figures show its unstoppable growth in the labor and business world. As fun facts, on this network, […]

    El Marketing tradicional VS El Inbound Marketing

    Traditional Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

    Consumers are no longer the same as before, the hyperinformation and hyper that exists in the world market has transformed the way people behave and how to reach them. We love to buy and we do all the time, but definitely it bothers us that makes invade our space to sell their products […]

    Economía Naranja, la ola de ideas y creatividad

    Orange economy, the wave of ideas and creativity

    Orange has been present in the art world, cultural and advertising forever. According to scientific studies in the area of ​​neuromarketing it found this vibrant color is full of energy and represents unique features like joy, wisdom, assertive communication, joy and creativity. It is so since 2001 John Howkins, plus […]

    La Economía Naranja fue el tema central  en EXMA ECUADOR 2018

    Orange economy was the central issue in EXMA ECUADOR 2018

    Honorable, It is specialized in high-level upgrade within the marketing industry platform around Latin America. Is found in 8 countries, among them: Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Arab Emirates, Bolivia and for the second time in Ecuador. The EXMA has established itself as the leading event in the market around […]

    Big Data, lo que no se mide no se mejora

    Big Data, what is not measured is not improved

    What you are looking for, products and information you eat, how you interact with brands, your tastes and the places you visit are a small part of the valuable world of Big Data, which currently it translates as a huge growth opportunity for companies looking to take a step further. When […]

    ¿Has oído hablar del Storytelling?

    Have you ever heard of Storytelling?

    Nowadays, among much publicity and messages, something as simple as telling a story could be the most effective way to get your client to have all your attention. Human beings are the only animals with the innate ability to tell stories, and we have always done to communicate. In the […]

    Las Oportunidades que brinda Cuenca al emprendimiento.

    The opportunities Cuenca entrepreneurship.

    Recent studies mention that currently entrepreneurship is the engine of development of nations, can generate and boost the resources of a country. While there are no magic formulas in the business world, Cuenca a city that values ​​quality service, There is a good market to establish Ideas […]

    Confecciones Tania, 50 años de trayectoria.

    Tania clothing, 50 years of experience.

    The companies, since its inception, They rely on various elements to gain the trust of its employees, suppliers and of course that of their customers. These elements include the quality of its products and expertise in providing services; But there is one key factor that can only be achieved over time […]

    Encuentros MIRA Quito, un espacio entre empresarios.

    MIRA meetings Quito, a space between entrepreneurs.

    Commit ourselves to the quality and development of a productive and sustainable Ecuador, also it means committing ourselves with the knowledge and progress of our affiliates. Nowadays, one of the most important in the world of business aspects are business or corporate spaces. We evolved in a world increasingly […]

    La Corporación Mucho Mejor Ecuador apostó por un logotipo más claro y sencillo

    Much Better Corporation Ecuador opted for a more clear and simple logo

    In a time of saturation of content on internet platforms and social networks, line graph businesses must save the elements and words. If the logo does not impact this ocean of information, raisins long. That usadísima phrase less is more has claimed more sense than ever. At least it […]

    La Corporación Mucho Mejor Ecuador trabaja día a día para brindarte un gran servicio y otorgar valor a tu marca.

    Much Better Ecuador Corporation works every day to give you great service and provide value to your brand.

    Today introduced a new service called Job Much Better. How does it work? If you are looking for a service provider or partner for your company We help you! [email protected] send to the profile of the position and the position; and we disseminate our social networks under your guidance to help […]

    Industria 4.0, el inicio de una nueva era.

    Industry 4.0, the beginning of a new era.

    Surely you've heard about the fourth industrial revolution, interconnected industries, ciberindustrias, smart or Industries 4.0. These certainly are the new terms but, Do you actually know what they mean and how they can be a benefit for your company? Through this blog we want to offer our vision and everything that brings this […]

    Hablemos sobre emprendimiento en el Ecuador

    Let's talk about entrepreneurship in Ecuador

    When you are talking to undertake, immediately comes to mind the idea of ​​creating your own business, and from that moment that the new employer is filled with questions that will necessarily have to solve if you search your idea, be innovative and of course materializes. Since 2016 The […]

    El empresario ¿Nace, o se hace?

    El empresario Do Nace, or made?

    Many of us have heard that famous saying "Every head is a world", and effectively so. Every individual is born with qualities that stand out and differentiate, even some describe the latter as an "innate gift" it is natural for those that develop in the business world. To answer […]

    La gran inversión que toda empresa debe realizar

    The huge investment that every company should make

    Every successful business is based on solid human capital. Environmental trends require us to increase staff skills and update their knowledge. Companies that are committed to quality and innovation culture understand the importance of training in a world that is making strides. For the […]

    Salud laboral, cuida tu postura y cuidarás tu cuerpo.

    occupational health, Watch your posture and your body will take care.

    How many hours a day do you spend at the computer? Our body is designed to be in constant motion, not to spend hours at a desk in front of a screen, It is why to maintain a good quality of life is important to keep the correct posture for back pain not afford, shoulder, eyes or […]

    ¿Qué podemos inventar que la competencia no pueda copiar?

    What can we invent that competition can not copy?

    We live in an environment where there are all, at all times and everywhere. Emotional factors, the quality of our products and services, user experience and especially the attitude, They are the strategic pack to win the battle in a market increasingly competitive. Under this approach, are consumers who […]

    ¿Tiempo de vacaciones? Deja todo listo en la oficina

    Vacation time? Leave everything ready in the office

    It is now July and with this, the air of the Sierra vacation feel close. Before leaving the office to clear your mind and enjoy your rest, you must organize the work and get everything ready for when you return you find all the order and can resume work […]

    ¿Qué logró Luchar Sin Competir 2018?

    What he managed to fight without competing 2018?

    Cuenca, 10 July 2018 Much Better Ecuador corporation successfully consolidates its commitment to the community through fighting without competing Last Sunday 24 of June, in the city of Cuenca, It held the event of social and community responsibility of the Corporation Ecuador Much Better "Fight Without […]

    Afrontar el mundial en la oficina

    Address global office

    Address global office. The World Cup has arrived, and even though our beloved tricolor is not participating, from our desktop and plants working all look excitement every game. Nevertheless, to be played across the world, one Rusia, Games are played during working hours for us, and this can create conflicts […]

    Resultados Luchar Sin Competir 2018

    Fighting without competition results 2018

    These are the results of fighting without competing 2018 Cuenca, 26 June 2018 About 1800 cyclists were given appointment on Sunday 24 June at the cycling track "Fight Without Competing 2018." For the fourth consecutive year Much Better Ecuador Corporation successfully concluded the country's biggest cycling wrestling circuit […]

    Reglamento Luchar Sin Competir 2018

    Fighting without competing Regulation 2018

    G R E L M E N T The cycling CIRCUIT "SIN Luchar RACE" Close: Sunday 24 June 2018 time concentration: 07h00 output circuit elite cyclists 90Km: 07h30 output circuit 60km: 08h30 output circuit 25km: 09H30 Organizer: Much better Ecuador Article 1. Organization under the name STRUGGLE WITHOUT COMPETING, […]



    Occasionally the stress of the office Rebaza our limits, filling us with frustration, mental blocks and sometimes panic attacks. Before you decide to give up, Throw away your papers and destroy the office, Much better Ecuador gives you a few tips to take away all the burden of your sword.   Take a deep breath: […]

    Pasos para redactar mails efectivos

    Steps to writing effective emails

    Email is an indispensable tool for digital communication between internal and external collaborators of a company; Writing, cordiality and other aspects of mail are important to create a good relationship between the partners, the correct understanding of the message and of course get a useful and timely response.   Much better Ecuador […]

    10 consejos que te ayudarán a sacar buenas fotografías

    10 tips that will help you take good pictures

    10 tips that will help you take good pictures To know well the team is essential to take a good photograph. Achieve a perfect composition in our photographs requires knowing some basic rules that will help us evenly distribute the items or subjects that are within the frame.   Your camera does not matter switch your camera […]

    Las 7 cosas que debes y no debes hacer al ser el nuevo de la oficina

    The 7 things you should and should not do when the new office

    The 7 things you should and should not do when the new office Congratulations you have a new job! you should be proud of your professional skills and personal, Now a number of new opportunities are coming and some situations that have to adapt and get used Optimally in […]

    Quality emissary

    The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to this and exploits it as an opportunity.

    Los trabajadores ya no aprecian solo el dinero

    Workers no longer appreciate only money

    Money is one of the factors generating more enthusiasm among employees



    It is the set of rules governing the conduct of a company

    Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    The impact that companies have on society or the environment is one of the main factors that consumers consider before becoming customers.   Several TIPS or ideas to implement in your company CSR: Employees: include them in your organizational plans, Worry about providing resources […]

    Memorias – GRUPO INDUSTRIAL GRAIMAN – Emisario de Calidad

    Memoirs – Grupo Industrial Graimn – Quality emissary

    Once raised the most urgent needs of our brothers, Graiman Industrial Group took various actions that ranged from sending a team of volunteers (paramedics, brigadiers, doctors) to the region to support sheeting and galvanized pipes for the implementation of temporary tents for families in identified sectors. It was also provided […]

    Memorias – AEI

    Memoirs – AEI

    The Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ecuador (AEI) -a network of public actors, private and academic aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and innovation- then he designs earthquake Re-Embark Program. The objective of the program is to encourage the resumption of affected productive activities in an innovative way, through funding […]

    Memorias – Ayuda económica, donaciones y créditos: la fórmula de PASAMANERÍA S.A.

    Memoirs – Financial assistance, grants and credits: formula PASAMANERÍA S.A.

    After the earthquake 16 of April, PASAMANERÍA S.A. was present in the region affected by the natural disaster financial aid both products as PASA, in addition to distributing food to victims. Eduardo Cobo, Company spokesman, He noted that given $7.435 CINTERANDES dollars to the Foundation, through […]

    Corporación GPF unidos a la cruzada nacional

    GPF corporation attached to the national crusade

    After the earthquake last 16 April 2016, aware that health was one of the most important areas to address, GPF Corporation and its brands Fybeca and Sanasana, He undertook a series of actions to bring emerging aid to thousands of victims especially in the more populated areas within the "Zona […]

    Memorias – La Fabril respondió y efectivamente a la tragedia – Emisario Abril 2017

    Memoirs – La Fabril and effectively responded to the tragedy – April emissary 2017

    After the earthquake 7.8 degrees that hit the coastal area of ​​Ecuador, La Fabril acted quickly making various donations and creating a collection center to receive and give every assistance to the affected populations. "Our first priority was our human capital therefore we focus on doing a census […]

    Memorias – Emisario de Calidad – Corporación Favorita

    Memoirs – Quality emissary – Favorita Corporation

    Favorita Corporation for several initiatives supported emergency management and reconstruction of the affected area. Despite being a heavy blow to all Ecuadorians, We could demonstrate the solidarity of millions of people; support their hands were carriers of optimism and new dreams. At 20 Saturday hours […]

    Memorias – ADELCA presente en la reconstrucción de Manabí y Esmeraldas

    Memoirs – ADELCA present in the reconstruction of Manabi and Esmeraldas

    ADELCA, aware of the situation that crossed the provinces of Esmeraldas and Manabi after the devastating earthquake sparked last 16 of April, He decided to take measures of support and solidarity as sending trucks with donations to the cities of Manta, Portoviejo, Bahia de Caraquez and canoes, serving basic food needs […]

    El Hotel Oro Verde de Cuenca considerado segundo mejor hotel de Ecuador

    Hotel Oro Verde Cuenca considered second best hotel in Ecuador

    Hotel Oro Verde Cuenca was considered the second best hotel in Ecuador by Trip Advisor website, ranking first among the twenty 25 Best hotels in South America. The slogan memory know the 95 Hotel staff - "When you first enter the door […]

    Matricúlate en UTPL

    Enroll in UTPL

      Looking for your personal and professional development UTPL-Much Better Ecuador invite you to start your career and fulfill your dreams, For this #Nohaydistancia. Enrollments open at the Technical University of Loja, advantage of the benefits and decides to be more! For more information: http://www.utpl.edu.ec/

    Primer Encuentro MIRA – Mucho Mejor Ecuador

    First Meeting MIRA – Much better Ecuador

    MIRA first meeting with Julia Elena Carrillo Ipsos and international exhibitor Carlos Trujillo. Cuenca cover, Guayaquil and Quito, thank Carlos Trujillo, Ipsos, Hotel Oro Verde Cuenca and EDES Business School to join the footprint to provide valuable spaces for our companies.  

    Emisario de Calidad Agosto 2016

    Quality emissary August 2016


    La Huella Mucho Mejor se extiende a emprendimientos

    Footprint extends Much Better ventures

    About ten enterprises of Guayas, Pichincha and Manabi software, Computing, cleaning, makeup, foods, and they carry the tricolor print that promotes Corporation Much Better Ecuador in a strategic partnership with the Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AEI). So they add up to more than 470 brands that are backed that […]

    ¿Sabes negociar?

    You know negotiate?

    We often think that a person must be involved to negotiate commercial sales area or, Nevertheless, you have noticed that during the day you are negotiating in every place and at every moment? effectively, every agreement we reached, every situation that tranzamos, It is the result of a negotiation. To negotiate […]

    ¿Qué impacto genera una red social en tu perfil?

    What impact generates a social network on your profile?

    According to the social network profile can make an impact both at professionals and companies, In the first case if we targeted communication, cooperation and development, at the discretion may allow: the employer: Focus on human resources, incubating projects, make contacts and treat suppliers. the entrepreneur: Join […]

    La estrategia importa en Redes Sociales (RRSS)

    The strategy matters in Social Networks (RRSS)

    A company is constructed from a set of experiences and the social network will act as a channel to realize these experiences. The successful use of social networks, by companies, It is to plan a clear strategy, consider market knowledge and have clear objectives. this simplifies […]

    Marketing integrado en las redes sociales.

    Integrated marketing in social networks.

    Currently the Web 2.0 and social networks have come to form a marketing strategy over, It is a tendency to communicate business activities and thus connecting the company with the end customer. In the opinion of Aurelio García de Sola in the book The Enterprise 2.0 the Madrid Development Institute holds: […]



    For over 20 years, Unilimpio S.A. OZZ Industries and believed strongly in the development of comprehensive hygiene solutions that contribute to sustainably Ecuador, living in internally and promoting its human resources, the importance of being socially responsible in caring for the environment and the proper use of […]

    Reglamento Luchar Sin Competir 2016

    Fighting without competing Regulation 2016

    50 Tips para mejorar el E-Commerce de su empresa. 4/5

    50 Tips to improve E-Commerce business. 4/5

    There are many tips that can be followed in different areas, whether personal or professional. There are some simpler than others, but more important it is to analyze their true value, assess the current situation and implement the tips that we provide better. Here we have 10 more tips we can continue to improve our strategy […]

    50 Tips para mejorar el E-Commerce de su empresa. 3/5

    50 Tips to improve E-Commerce business. 3/5

    In this third part, We know a little more easy tips to implement and that will add value to every part of our website, in which we do E-Commerce. Here we have 10 more tips for you: 1) Listen to the questions that you receive. What things people still do not have clear? What they worry about […]

    50 Tips para mejorar el E-Commerce de su empresa. 2/5

    50 Tips to improve E-Commerce business. 2/5

    Continuing our analysis of e-commerce, and discovering the myriad of variables that can make the difference between success and failure in this topic, we find more tips that we know will serve to improve your digital sales strategy. We do not say that yes, but we've tried and […]

    50 Tips para mejorar el E-Commerce de su empresa. 1/5

    50 Tips to improve E-Commerce business. 1/5

    If you are trying to make money online, sooner or later, you will learn about the term "conversion". This issue relates to how to get more buyers in the same amount of traffic and there are plenty of choices you can make bad. Most of them are not so difficult to solve. now we 10 Useful tips […]



    FV FRANZ VIEGENER CONTRIBUTES TO SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION IN LATIN AMERICA Quito, 2016.- Nowadays, ecological awareness is one of the main concerns of social conglomerates. Several mechanisms are used in order to minimize environmental impact, especially in sectors continued growth, as construction. In America […]



    MEXICHEM ECUADOR TO RENEWED COMMUNITY GAVE GREEN AREA Caption from left to right: Ing. Andrea Cascante - Head of Marketing, Ing. Edgardo Díaz – Production manager, Ing. Alexandra Arce Plúas – Mayor Duran, Ing. Carlos Alaña - Mexichem Ecuador Country Manager, Tnlgo. Gustavo Caicedo - Ecuador Humana Manager Management Mexichem signed a […]

    BOLETÍN INFORMATIVO  –  Paraíso del Ecuador

    NEWSLETTER – Paradise Ecuador

    Two trucks HINO brand and Chevrolet were delivered on Tuesday 15 March at 10h30 distributors who achieved the goals programadasdurante 2015 by S.A PRODUCTS ECUADOR'S PARADISE, This incentive is given to those distributors year year effort that manage to overcome the sales range. This activity […]

    3 consejos para aprovechar tu tiempo

    3 tips for making your time

      3 tips for making your time have you ever thought about the activities they spend your time? We require for our time daily grooming, for our children, for our work, for the family, for friends; in short time it is a necessary resource and does not always reach us […]

    Proyecto de Reformas Laborales

    Project Labor Reforms

    Proposed labor reforms afternoon 23 February 2016, He has joined the National Assembly the draft Organic Law for the optimization of working hours and Unemployment Insurance, which enters as a matter of economic urgency, that is to say, which should be discussed and resolved by the Assembly in […]

    Población Económicamente Activa.

    Economically active population.

      Economically active population. He 61% Ecuadorians has a paid job. A significant number of them (24%) works independently. The level of unemployment is 6%.

    Identidad e imagen de la marca

    Identity and brand image

    Identity and image of the brand Cuenca, 19 February 2016 To create a strong bond with potential customers and a more personalized way, These people should identify with our brand. But for this we must first develop a clear brand personality and ask, according to the service or product […]


    The human resource is the most important asset of the company

    Human resources are the most important of the company to meet objectives assets and achieve the goals set by a company, It is the result of an advanced technology management, good management and highly trained staff. In an organization three main resources are managed, materials, principal financial and human. the staff […]

    Tips para empresas: Derechos con responsabilidad

    Tips for Business: Rights responsibly

        Meet and exercise their rights responsibly.   In Ecuador, Intellectual Property Law, Integral in the Criminal Code, the decision 486 Andean Community, Paris Convention, among others, provide holders of the exclusive rights of a trade mark to prevent third parties to use the […]

    Tips para empresas: Invierta en Calidad

    Tips for Business: Invest in Quality

    Invest in quality. Get to have a quality product requires effort, time and implementation of new processes, but yields significant results as greater recognition of their product from the consumer's mind. In addition to products or services, Companies can also register slogans or commercial slogans that give strength to your brand or […]

    Tips para empresas: Prevenga el robo

    Tips for Business: Prevent theft

      These should indicate that your company holds the copyright on any intellectual property developed for the company. Congratulations Polo, manufacturer of adhesive tapes and labels, provides 4 Tips to help a company prevent intellectual property theft: Identify people with greater knowledge in the enterprise. Make these […]

    Tips para empresas: Establezca políticas internas

    Tips for Business: Establish internal policies

    Establish an internal policy to protect the intellectual property of your company. This may include designs, trademarks and domain names. Bravo Company Polo, you decide to manufacture adhesive tapes and labels and has its own plant, he found a situation of forgery for a couple of years […]

    Tips para empresas: Registre su marca

    Tips for Business: Register your trademark

    Perform a process of creation or trademark registration with reliable advice. Make sure your brand allows properly differentiate their products or services. According to Dr.. Susana Vázquez, Regional deputy director of the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property (IEPI) in Cuenca, the law gives copyright on a brand or product and any services […]

    Quality emissary 2016


    Confíe en sus instintos.

    Trust your instincts.

    Trust your instincts. If you have a slightest suspicion that the product you are buying is not genuine, I did not buy it. Remember that products or services with counterfeit marks or impersonated can affect the prosperity of legitimate manufacturers. "Legitimate manufacturers of quality products have gone through several processes to […]

    Revise las características del producto

    Check product characteristics

      Check product characteristics. Especially, Check the product name and logo have no spelling failures and not defective packaging. The ING. Carlos Gonzalez, San Antonio Dairy Manager, manufacturer of dairy and beverage products under the brand Nutri, He states that the details are in […]

    ¡Revise el precio!

    Check out the price!

      While we all want to get products or services at the best price, it is important to check whether the price is too good to be true. Products with counterfeited trademarks or impersonated usually have a much lower price than the original product. And while not all are necessarily expensive products quality, This does not want […]

    “Vive tu empresa” Reysac

    “Live your business” Reysac

    “Live your business” Reysac



    Reinventarse is essential, especially in a changing world and connected like today. And the reinvention begins with the generation of ideas. Much better this year Ecuador supports the "Reinvention" Congress Ideas, Innovation and creativity, which for three years he has drawn the attention of marketers and advertisers in the country […]

    Quality emissary August 2015




      Much Better Footprint Ecuador will be at the malls in Quito for the kids with their parents know of companies that offer quality for Back to School. it is 22 Granados August in shoping ripped activation "Draw with footprint" where children were invited […]

    “Así Somos los Ecuatorianos”: una mirada cercana a los valores que marcan nuestra identidad

    "So are the Ecuatorianos": a close look at the values ​​that mark our identity

    Much better Ecuador presented the first publication of "So are the Ecuatorianos", companies that carry Footprint, a qualitative and quantitative compendium designed to understand and establish the values ​​that mark our identity and life situation as Ecuadorian citizens are, developed by the international World Values ​​Survey network and signature […]

    I Edición de la Carrera “Luchar Sin Competir” recauda $12.937,93  a favor de FASEC

    I Edition Race "Fight Without Competing" raises $12.937,93 for FASEC

    Initiative organized by the Corporation Much Better If Done in Ecuador achieved participation 960 cyclists and support over 46 public and private institutions. Much better if the Corporation is made in Ecuador conducted the first edition of his career "Fight without competing", the same held 28 from […]

    Un circuito ciclístico en Cuenca para apoyar a enfermos de cáncer

    A cycling tours in Cuenca to support cancer patients

    The first edition of 'Fight without competing, competing already won 'be held next 28 June 2015 in rural areas of Cuenca, in southern Ecuador. It is a cycling circuit that seeks to raise awareness and raise funds for the organization FASEC, serving cancer patients and people […]

    Circuito Ciclístico “Luchar Sin Competir”

    circuit cycling “Fighting without competing”

    It is a very complete cycling event, to tell safely, hydration and recovery points, refreshment, live music and shows for you to live this day with your family, friends, colleagues and everyone who wants to enjoy a great cause to support. Cost is a non-profit event that seeks massive participation […]

    56% de productos en Ecuador no cumple etiquetado del INEN

    56% in Ecuador product labeling does not meet INEN

    He 56,27% a total of 21.286 inspected by the Ecuadorian Standardization Service products (the INR) not comply with the technical standards required by the official labeling regulations, According to the director of the entity, Agustín Ortiz. The Institute said it made a new track in July this year. If any doubt arises or […]

    VII National Convention Exporters


    BIMBO Tortillinas the most practical PROPOSAL, VERSATILE AND HEARTY

    Grupo Bimbo industry leader in global breadmaking, presented in the Ecuadorian market its new product BIMBO Tortillinas. these practices, versatile and nutritious wheat flour tortillas reach the ideal for you to explore your creativity and create the most exquisite combinations and appetizing size. Bimbo Tortillinas belongs to the line […]



    “We want to develop actions and measurable impact for the country's youth” José Barahona, Executive Director of Corporación Maresa Ecuador FIAT So began the important donation 20 engines for educational institutions nationwide with the aim of providing for young people to become professionals in the automotive sector and are force […]

    Plan de fortalecimiento de la calidad

    Plan to strengthen quality

    We check the quality of products and services by analyzing their production processes, allowing your brand porte Footprint. Only those partners Sleuth have annual access to quality business that delivers a diagnosis of the state of the company and its internal processes. Rules: Evaluates the application […]

    Cómo la repercusión de los eventos ha cambiado gracias a las redes sociales

    How the impact of events has changed thanks to social networks

    The events continue through hashtags and Twitter has become the indispensable social network. One of the tools that organizations have taken advantage, brands and businesses to reach citizens have been events. Events are one of the perfect ways to meet the audience and […]

    El Big data va a transformar sin duda el cómo las empresas planifican sus estrategias

    Big Data will transform undoubtedly how companies plan their strategies

    The big data has revolutionized the mode menu in which manufacturers may face consumers. The information has made new herramentas companies have at their disposal to understand and to offer them what they want and, so, Companies are increasingly interested in joining the use of […]

    Los exportadores ven en medidas apoyo al sector

    Exporters are measures to support the sector

    The National Customs Service of Ecuador (Sena) and the Central Bank of Ecuador (ECB) will develop computer applications, necessary for the operation of the drawback or automatic tax refund destined for the export sector. Read full story: http://bit.ly/1DdP9r2 Source: The universe.

    Tips para promocionar tu negocio online

    Tips to promote your business online

    Written by Andrea Serrano Insights Executive Editor: Twitter: @insights_ / Facebook: InSights Magazine / Instagram: @insmagazine The world has never been more connected today. Opportunities offered by new technologies for entrepreneurs are limitless. And Ecuador is no exception, since internet penetration in the country, It has grown […]



    Written by: Advance Technical Consultant: They were applied 950 self-administered surveys in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil, Error = 4% The survey data conducted in October 2014 among Ecuadorian consumers clearly show that what influences them more to choose some products or services over others is the mark, until […]



    Experts analyze the situation of the construction industry in Ecuador Earlier this year 2014, French news agency AFP headline of information about the Ecuadorian economic development with a title that left no doubt: "Construction Industry, the biggest contributor to growth in 2013. ". Magazine […]



    It is gratifying to see embodied the efforts of a whole year of work, starting with a strong campaign where we remember the consumer can trust the quality reference footprint in the products they consume. Open space services, people who work day after day to give the best of […]

    Vicepresidente Glas: Salvaguardias son para cuidar dolarización

    Vice Glas: Safeguards are to care dollarization

    The application of safeguards (sobretasas) al 32% imports aims to "strengthen dollarization". That was the argument used by the Vice President, Jorge Glas, to defend as set surtaxes between 5% Y 45% a number of imported products, from Wednesday for the next fifteen […]

    Oportunidades comerciales en el exterior

    business opportunities abroad

    The Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments, He released a list of business opportunities to export products in different countries, it is then sent: Product Market Maximum Effective Date "WHITE BEAN Panamito" Luxembourg 08 October 2014 "White bean FANESQUERO (INIAP 425)"Luxembourg 08 October 2014 "TUNA […]

    EKOS interviewed Ing. Alfredo Peña Payró

    The word entrepreneur is tailored to Alfredo Peña Payró, Actual president del Grupo Industrial Graimn. His story, anecdotes and executive projection discover an entrepreneur and visionary man who is leading this organization for five years. Maintain and further raise the company, in such a competitive sector […]

    Campaña incentiva consumo de 476 marcas ecuatorianas

    Campaign encourages consumption 476 Ecuadorian brands

    Economy / Guayaquil "Consume the best, much better if done in Ecuador ", is the name of the campaign that presented yesterday -in the Hotel Oro Verde- Much better if the Corporation is made in Ecuador which groups 476 companies in the country that have the footprint Tricolor, as a synonym for best quality products […]

    Un camino a la excelencia – Mónica Malo

    A path to excellence - Monica Malo

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen It is an honor for me to address you, to tell them about the trajectory of a brand that was born thanks to the vision of a group of businessmen cuencanos, They are seeking to position preference Ecuadorian quality product in consumer habits. This occurs in the year 2005, after […]



    Companies interested in joining the Corporation Much Better Ecuador must meet the following requirements: Legal requirements: – RUC vigente – Certificate of registration of the mark in the IEPI – Employer obligations compliance with technical quality requirements – Compliance with quality standards measured through a quality visit […]



    Footprint is one of the best decisions about 500 brands that carry since 2005

    Last News

    Padres en la industria

    Parents industry

    On Father's Day, Mucho Mejor Ecuador ha entrevistado a reconocidos padres en la industria para que nos cuenten un poco de su vida y el consejo que desean transmitir a los ecuatorianos. Today in this blog we present the answers to these characters by their example and dedication have managed to manage your life […]

    La seguridad en el mundo de los juguetes

    Security in the world of toys

    Mundiplast is an Ecuadorian company leader in the manufacture of mini toys for children's parties (Piñateria o Party Favors) and Educational Toys for preschoolers and elementary primary; its products are manufactured using virgin raw materials premium. Commitment to industrial safety in toys is a priority and so […]

    ¿Cómo gestionar una correcta comunicación de crisis?

    How to manage a successful crisis communication?

    How to manage a successful crisis communication?   Communication is vital to manage a crisis situation Business, can solve or minimize the impact this may have on your different stakeholders; customers, providers, contributors, press, government, Social networking fans, etc. According to Francisco Marín, author of "Crisis Communication" the 95% from […]

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