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    Product Application

    A space to show the variety of products bearing the footprint and use in everyday recipes high quality.


    Producto Placement

    Your brand presence on film set, POP material, products necessary for the preparation of the recipe and presentation of the dish at program closure.

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    Footprint is one of the best decisions about 500 brands that carry since 2005

    Last News

    San Valentín activa la economía y el amor de los ecuatorianos

    San Valentín activa la economía y el amor de los ecuatorianos

    San Valentín o el día del amor y la amistad, es considerado en muchos países como el día más romántico del año, aunque es un festejo propio de Estados Unidos muchos lo celebran con gran expectativa. Antes de comenzar queremos compartir con ustedes algunos datos interesantes que tal vez no conocían; en una infografía realizada […]

    Industrias 4.0, proyección de la industria local

    Industries 4.0, projection of local industry

    Much better if the Corporation is made in Ecuador urges the industry to get involved in the issue of digital modernization of its processes. The importance of "Industry 4.0" concept was discussed yesterday Cesar Diaz, President of the Corporation 3D, during a conference organized by the Corporation Much better if it's Done […]

    ¡Mucho Mejor Ecuador!

    Much better Ecuador!

    By: Ultimately Sofia Chavez, the commitment of an organization must walk to the efficiency of their processes, displayed on products or services representative. Since 2005, Cuenca blanket seal today operates more than 500 country brands. Under a tricolor footprint and much better name Ecuador, domestic enterprises […]

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