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    Corporación Mucho Mejor Ecuador difunde trabajo

    Much Better Ecuador Corporation disseminates work

    It is an organization working in the dissemination through various print and digital, One is its institutional magazine. Much Better Corporation Ecuador Ecuador promotes quality production through the placement of a symbol called "tricolor footprint" on items that have gone through a comprehensive review, […]

    En noviembre se celebra la calidad

    November is celebrated quality

    Much Better socializes Corporation Ecuador this month the results generated from the 'Plan to strengthen the quality' of their 508 brands. To celebrate the month of quality, Much Better corporation Ecuador shares the results of the verification assessment standards its 'Plan to strengthen quality' applied […]

    La cuarta revolución industrial

    The fourth industrial revolution

    With technological advancement, the terms used in the field of innovation are increasing. This time, Experts explain briefly what are the characteristics of this concept, its mode of application and its meaning. As part of Encounters Mira ', of the corporation 'Much Better Made in Ecuador', Cesar Diaz, President […]

    Industrias 4.0, proyección de la industria local

    Industries 4.0, projection of local industry

    Much better if the Corporation is made in Ecuador urges the industry to get involved in the issue of digital modernization of its processes. The importance of "Industry 4.0" concept was discussed yesterday Cesar Diaz, President of the Corporation 3D, during a conference organized by the Corporation Much better if it's Done […]

    ¡Mucho Mejor Ecuador!

    Much better Ecuador!

    By: Ultimately Sofia Chavez, the commitment of an organization must walk to the efficiency of their processes, displayed on products or services representative. Since 2005, Cuenca blanket seal today operates more than 500 country brands. Under a tricolor footprint and much better name Ecuador, domestic enterprises […]

    Empresas e industrias en general no están creciendo este año

    Companies and industries in general are not growing this year

    Corporation much better if it is made in Ecuador, private non profit organization that works with several companies and brands, warns current level of industrial sector. Although already it passed the Law of Productive Development, He presented by the President Lenin Moreno, el sector industrial y empresarial del austro todavía está a la expectativa de […]

    With the expectation of bringing 1.800 cyclists Region presents "Fight without competing"

    Under the organization of the Corporation Much Better Ecuador, Tuesday morning 15 de mayo se presentó la cuarta edición “Luchar Sin Competir”, with the vision to establish itself as the largest country cycling circuit. And the goal in the competition is to bring together an estimated 1.800 pedalistas el […]

    Luchar sin competir con 1.800 pedalistas

    Fighting without competing with 1.800 cyclists

    A success, según dijo Sofía Moreno, miembro de Mucho Mejor Ecuador, It was the fourth edition of the cycling event 'Fight without competing', which took place last road arteries of the city. Near the 13:30 the last competitor arrived to the site of arrival, which it was the same from where they left over 1.800 […]

    1.800 ciclistas solidarios en “Luchar sin Competir”

    1.800 cyclists solidarity "Fight without competing"

    The fourth edition of the cycling track "Fight without competing", Pedal Against Cancer, Much Better organized by Ecuador, It is now serving. Near 1.800 cyclists showed their solidarity by joining this event held for the benefit of the Foundation Cancer Patient Service (Fasec). The goal is to raise 20.000 Dollars, objetivo que […]

    Evento ciclístico en beneficio de FASEC

    Cycling event to benefit FASEC

    The next 24 of June, starting at 07:30, from the esplanade in front of the Mall del Río, It will be held the 4th edition of the event 'Fight without competing', which seeks to raise funds for the benefit of the Foundation Cancer Patient Service (FASEC). It is a circuit with cycling routes […]

    72% de personas, para comprar busca productos con la “huella”

    72% of people, looking to buy products with the "footprint"

    Study results of the Corporation records 487 brands, 60% of which they are food and beverage. The significance of the "tricolor footprint" among Ecuadorian consumers before making a purchase, It was the subject of a market study by the Corporation "Much Better if done in Ecuador", private entity […]

    El ciclismo y la solidaridad se unieron en “Luchar sin competir”

    Cycling and joined in solidarity "Fight without competing"

    Cyclists solidarity was evidenced in the fourth edition of the circuit "Fight without competing", Pedal Against Cancer, Much Better organized by Ecuador, appointment that met yesterday with the massive participation of athletes of different ages. Monica Malo, Much Better director Ecuador, He stressed that "citizens responded to this call in […]

    “Luchar sin competir” busca reunir a más de 1800 ciclistas

    "Fight without competing" seeks to bring together more than 1800 cyclists

    The fourth edition of the cycling track "Fight without competing", pedaling against cancer, Much Better organized by Ecuador, It is met on Sunday 24 of June. In the building of the Chamber of Industry, Yesterday a press conference of the event was provided for the benefit of the Foundation Cancer Patient Service (Fasec). […]

    “Luchar sin competir” ayudará a los enfermos con Cáncer

    “Fighting without competing” help cancer patients

    This Tuesday, 15 May 2018, He presented the fourth edition of cycling “Fighting without competing”, with which it seeks to raise funds to support the Foundation Cancer Patient Service. This sporting event will be held on the 24 of June, the goal is to bring together the competitive […]

    Ejemplo de innovación ecuatoriana – Orangine

    Example innovation Ecuadorian – Orangine

    Orangine is created in the year 1914 as a business 100% Ecuadorian offering drinks with a unique flavor, It is one of the pioneers in offering soft drinks in the country and also innovating in new categories such as the carbonated fruit juice. Over time Orangine becomes the drink […]

    Resultados Luchar Sin Competir 2018

    Fighting without competition results 2018

    These are the results of fighting without competing 2018 Cuenca, 26 June 2018 About 1800 cyclists were given appointment on Sunday 24 June at the cycling track "Fight Without Competing 2018." For the fourth consecutive year Much Better Ecuador Corporation successfully concluded the country's biggest cycling wrestling circuit […]

    Quality emissary

    The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to this and exploits it as an opportunity.

    Los trabajadores ya no aprecian solo el dinero

    Workers no longer appreciate only money

    Money is one of the factors generating more enthusiasm among employees

    Se analizaron perfiles y comportamiento del consumidor.

    profiles and consumer behavior were analyzed.

    As part of the Encuentros program that promotes MIRA Corporation Ecuador Much Better, local entrepreneurs knew about profiling and consumer behavior today. On this day, which took place on Wednesday at the Hotel Oro Verde, They participated as exhibitors Carlos Trujillo, expert in brand development and internationalization, and Julia […]

    Mucho Mejor Ecuador presenta el programa Encuentros MIRA

    Much better Ecuador presents the MIRA program Meetings

    Much Better Corporation Ecuador, MRS, It carries out a series of meetings with its affiliates, with the aim of analyzing different topics within the business world. In an effort to institutionalize these actions, It has called these days working as MIRA Meetings, which will be held today at the Hotel Oro Verde. […]

    Corporación Mucho Mejor Ecuador impulsa II circuito solidario

    Much Better Ecuador corporation promotes solidarity circuit II

    Much Better Corporation S.A Ecuador and Trimmings. They conducted the launch of the second edition of the cycling circuit without competing Fighting for two foundations that serve people with cancer and their families: FASEC and Father Matías Mujica Hostel Portoviejo. Publication date: 2016-05-21 00:00 This event will take place on Sunday […]

    Segunda edición “Luchar sin Competir”, 26 de junio

    Second Edition "Fight without competing", 26 of June

    Augusto Tosi, Ecuador president Much Better, He said that for the second consecutive year, the biggest cycling event in the city of Cuenca will be developed. A career that aims to bring together more than 1.000 participants, "We want to break that figure was last year, Cuenca we know that there are caring people and sportsmen ", Tosi said. […]

    Lanzan II edición solidaria “Luchar sin Competir” en ciclismo

    Launch joint edition II "Fight without competing" in cycling

    Raise funds for individuals and families struggling with cancer and promote sports among citizens are the main objectives of the second edition of "Fight without competing", cycling test which includes five parishes in the canton Cuenca, promoted by the Corporation Much Better Ecuador and Pasa SA. It is be fulfilled […]



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    La vital importancia del servicio al cliente como experiencia de marca

    La vital importancia del servicio al cliente como experiencia de marca

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    Los derechos del consumidor en Ecuador

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    La Importancia de la mujer para la productividad del país

    La percepción sobre el desempeño laboral de hombres y mujeres tiene un efecto significativo en la productividad de un país. Decir que su papel es importante para el desarrollo ya no es una noticia, Nevertheless, en los últimos 30 años se ha evidenciado un importante crecimiento en temas de reconocimiento de su compromiso en […]

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