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    Replacement Insurance Regulation


    Insurance Replacement

    A benefit for brands that are endorsed Footprint. If before the consumer was convinced that the identified product and service with Footprint Much Better Ecuador, quality is, now you have a new guarantee, insurance replacement, which it aims to generate greater confidence in the footprint and its brands and thus contribute to the choice of these products and services

    Total Quality Assurance This provides greater reliability to consumers, about 500 brands, that make up the Corporation Much better if it is done in Ecuador (MRS). It is a service to our members and user support. This benefit does not represent cost to the affiliate or for the consumer and is targeted specifically for the end consumer.

    This insurance as its name implies is defined for products whose condition presented some flaw in its manufacture, no misuse, hurt, theft or any other incident causing the malfunctions.


    The first step is to fill the backfill request available on the website www.muchomejorecuador.org.ec, is attached to the same:

    • Original purchase invoice of the product or service purchased.
      • letter explaining the reason for the non-conformity of the product.
      • Copy of the identity card or identification of the natural or legal person detailed in the corresponding invoice.
      • And nonconforming product
    • Photo evidence of nonconforming product

    joint analysis between MME and the technical department of the company responsible is then performed, and it determines whether or not the replenishment item . The time allowed for the claim is 30 days, from the date of the invoice.


    • Those products with higher value to $ 1.000 Dollars.
      • Claims submitted after 30 days after the date of purchase or service.
      • Products that do not have the footprint.
      • Damage or loss by intentional acts.
      • Robo, theft or mysterious disappearance.
      • Embargo, confiscation, requisitioning and other acts of civil or military authorities.
      • civil or international war, declared or not.
    • The manufacturer of the product does not force the user contract brand Much Better Ecuador

    Total Replacement Insurance constitutes an additional guarantee that is offered to the public, A similar mechanism that apply to European countries, Americans and some in Latin America.





    Footprint is one of the best decisions about 500 brands that carry since 2005

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